Three years after the Montgomery Bus Boycott, the Montgomery (AL) Chapter of The Links, Incorporated was chartered on December 8, 1958, by twenty-one leading women in the Montgomery Community. The twenty-one charter members were activists, educators, mentors, role models, and civic leaders. Today, the chapter membership continues a legacy of civic leadership, legislative advocacy, influential decision making, philanthropy, and mentoring of youth. Chapter members are physicians, engineers, educators, administrators, managers, consultants, attorneys, business professionals, entrepreneurs, and scientists.

It is a privilege to greet you on behalf of the members of the Montgomery (AL) Chapter of The Links, Incorporated who provide transformational programming in the Montgomery, Alabama Area.   Using professional skills and resources, members of the Montgomery (AL) Chapter provide over 3,000 service hours in transformational programming each year in order to strengthen the community’s quality of life.  The service delivery model for transformational programming in the community is built upon the national service template of five facets:  Services to Youth, The Arts, National Trends and Services, International Trends and Services, and Health and Human Services as aligned with national initiatives, community needs, and global outreach.


Programs, services, news, and events related to the Montgomery (AL) Chapter of The Links, Incorporated are found at this uniformed resource locator.    The chapter invites you to connect with us in service to meet the needs and possibilities of the Montgomery Community.

Yours in committed community service,
Deborah C. Thomas
Deborah C. Thomas, Ed.D.